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Peace & Harmony Healing Collective has over 30 years of Combined Experience in Reiki Energy Healing, Life Coaching (Intuitive Money and Career), Nutrition & Exercise, Addiction Counseling, Sound Baths, Aura Cleansing and More.



Our 360-Degree Approach to Whole Body, Mind and Spirit Wellness Allows Us to Offer You Support in Every Area of Life, Including but Not Limited to:



  • Reiki Energy Healing and Attunements

  • Addiction Counseling (Drug & Alcohol), Dependence Education and Support Groups

  • Life Coaching (including Intuitive Financial Stability, Career and Money Management)

  • Plant Medicine Integration Support Groups

  • Nutrition Programs 

  • Exercise Programs 

  • Breath Work Sessions

  • Educational Workshops

  • Sound bath healing journeys 

  • Customized Holistic Health & Wellness Programs

  • Couples healing sessions

  • Sacred medicine ceremonies 

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